Access Control

Access control is more than key replacement

Here at Unified Systems, we could be called access control ‘purists’. Access control means more to us than ‘door key replacement’. Access control means advanced perimeter fencing, gate controls, exterior compound control, heavy equipment ignitions, machinery start buttons and more. We can assist you with parking kiosk controls, even vending machines! Access control can use stickers, fobs, cards, biometrics (fingerprint, retinal scan), blue tooth devices and even your cell phone! Our systems are designed to suit our client’s diverse needs.

Solving business problems.

Here at Unified Systems, we are ‘hardware agnostic’. We don’t have a favorite manufacturer – we carefully select products that solve your business problems. Unified Systems technicians carry certifications for every major access control manufacturer. This ensures we are out to select the best system for YOU. Product selection is critical. Are you only looking to lock doors? Are you integrating with other equipment? Need the ability to use offline controls like padlocks, vehicle ignitions? Are you managing more than one facility? Are you looking for an enterprise class system that works across the country? We have the proven expertise to accomplish all of this and more.

Advanced Integration Possibilities

Unified Systems goes a lot further than simplistic integrations like other companies do. We can integrate with your complex facility on a much more intimate level. We can control access to doors and machinery based on training status. An operator’s training expired? They can’t start the machine. Confined space entry training expiring soon? Automatically notify both the supervisor and the employee. Need time and attendance information? No problem. Manage emergencies, mustering, and safe zones. Visitor badging and management. Automatic reporting to supervisors on a wide range of information. Why limit yourself? Accelerated payback for your investment comes with our experience.