Certified Hardware Installation

Certified Hardware Installation

Unified Systems has gone to great lengths to ensure our installation team is second to none. There are four components that are mandatory to achieve this level of excellence; manufacturer certified training, professional qualifications, experience and documented processes to guide technical staff.

Manufacturer Certified Training

At Unified Systems we believe that being ‘hardware agnostic’ creates greater value for our clients. We maintain the highest levels of training from all manufacturers. Our technicians and design team are required to constantly add to their training and knowledge. When we propose solutions, you can be sure we have selected carefully from all the available options.

Professional Qualifications

While manufacturer training goes part of the way – it really isn’t enough. Our trained technicians have government issued “Technical Qualifications” (TQ). All our technicians have licensed security professionals – they have been fingerprinted, documented and had extensive criminal background checks. For mission-critical safety applications, clients often require drug and alcohol testing. In these instances, we can provide documented evidence of compliance upon request.

Policies and Procedures

Unified Systems has documented SAFETY and QUALITY CONTROL procedures to ensure quality through all stages of a project. Our safety system is soon to be COR certified. Our quality processes incorporate all the critical elements of an ISO 9000 Quality Management system. Our documented ‘non-conformance’ system ensures all complaints are documented, investigated and resolved. This includes feedback into our system to prevent them from happening again.