Security Hardware & Software & Design

Unified Systems installs and services a wide range of products including HD Video equipment, Access Control equipment, Commercial Alarm equipment, Key Management (Asset Management) equipment, Servers, Workstations, and Networking equipment. We have a certified design staff to ensure our systems meet specification.

Custom Electronic Assemblies

Unified Systems also builds custom products to meet customer specifications. Our IT Lab has the qualified staff and resources necessary to manufacture and test many different types of custom electronic assemblies. Whether it’s micro controllers, sensors, or embedded software – our research and development team is up to the task. If you need a deeper level of integration or are looking to solve a tricky problem, give us a call.

Analytics and Data Integration

At Unified Systems it’s more than security, it’s solving business problems. We actively seek out ways to integrate your equipment and business processes together. Integrate point of sale into your HD surveillance, capture data from process controls, manage health & safety to control access to resources. Analytics and data integration with your other system components results in massively increased return on investment. Streamline your processes, call us today.