Integrated Security Services & Solutions

Our Integrated Security Services & Solutions

Here at USI, we love to solve your business problems. It’s why we get up each day and come to work excited and energized. In order to achieve this goal, we have carefully crafted a robust set of services, so that any and all your business problems can be resolved in an efficient, effective, and cost-conscious manner. Below is a brief introduction to our services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

USI Total Care™

USI Total Care™ is a comprehensive service and maintenance program. Not only does it cover equipment supplied and installed by USI, it also covers equipment installed by other providers. Systems are not limited to security systems only. We are technology professionals, with a competent and diverse staff. We will learn all your systems so that… read more

Integrated Technology Solutions

Unified Systems is a technology integration company. We have proven our expertise in our ability to integrate technology systems together. This means more than HD Surveillance linked to your access control. This means HVAC, Human Resource databases, health and safety management, process control equipment and more. Imagine integrating all your systems into one super-system, then being able to set up advanced decision making and notifications…yes, this is possible. read more

Certified Installation Services

Unified Systems ensures all our staff are competent, capable and well trained. We maintain manufacturer’s certified training in all of the major manufacturers. This means all warranties for any equipment we install will be honored by the manufacturer. Our strategic partnerships and high level of certification give us the ability to EXTEND manufacturer’s warranties in many cases. Check out our certifications page for more details on manufacturers. But we go EVEN FURTHER… read more

Security Design and Consulting

Unified Systems has a wide range of professionals ready to competently design your system. Our security design consultants work hand in hand with electronics, network and software engineers to ensure designs are complete and robust. Then we do a life cycle design review; ensuring your systems can effectively grow over time. Finally, even our technicians get a chance to review physical aspects of the design. Doing this ensures our projects are executed quickly, efficiently and effectively. We have a formal process for design review to make sure we don’t miss the details… read more