Integrated Technology Solutions

Integrated Technology Solutions

Unified Systems is a technology integrator. Our speciality is integration of security equipment with your business processes and ANY other hardware. Integrations between alarm, HD Video and access control are a snap for us. But we do more. Unified Systems has the design team and software tools available that enable integrations across virtually any hardware and software you are currently using.

Process Controls and Security Systems

Unified Systems integrates access control systems onto the manufacturing floor! Our systems can assist you in ensuring only trained staff have access to key assets. Our systems monitor training expiry dates and prevent access to doors, machine start buttons, lift and equipment ignitions and more. Contact Unified Systems today about streamlining the enforcement of your safety policies and procedures.

Mining and Safety

Unified Systems can integrate access control systems with active underground monitoring systems. While these are separate systems, we have the technology to enable cross communication. Tag board systems, mustering, and all kinds of other integrations are possible. Our tags can be embedded into cell phones, hard hat lamps and more. Our off line lock system even supports pad locks! Contact us to solve your business problems today.

Integrations and Artificial Intelligence

All your steams constantly stream data. Unified Systems has the ability to monitor all of this information, examine it, translate it, then send it to one or more other systems. This artificial intelligence connector allows you to leverage information from one system to complement, streamline and control another. Combine the power of your systems together for greater return on investment. Contact Unified Systems today!